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A Better 3D World,
A Better Life.

We are 3D solution expert

We constantly strive to create more harmonious and better society with the high-quality 3D technology and people-oriented theory.
3D technology can fundamentally change various stereotypes which are considered impossible in the ohysical word.

VRC works with engineers and research institutes all around the world to develop algorithms for 3D image processing and image analysis as well as necessary basic technology by using state-of-the-art technology.

Global 3D Technologies Talent

Deep Learning & 3D Algorithms

Contents SDK for 3D Developers

High Quality 3D Scanner

3D Solutions

3D Solution & Contents

Based on 3D technology, we provide high-quality 3D solutions that can be applied to different aspects. Customizing and innovating a wide range of different industries such as entertainment, virtual fitting , coordinated, healthcare and so on.

3D Database System

Providing back-end support such as building your own database with advanced computer graphics technology.

3D Scanner


Takes only 0.5 seconds scanning , only 20 seconds processing avatar time . Has new portable construction and has been used in various event.With various options, it is possible to customize by request of additional functions and scanning contents. Data formats can be converted not only to VRM, but also VRM or FBX. It can be used with different services .

Dimensions 1984mm(W)x2138mm(D)x1994mm(H)
3D Camera RGB+Depth
Power AC100V(50/60Hz),20A
Shooting time 0.5 sec
3D modeling 20 sec or less
Recommended Range 90cm to 195cm
Bone generation function Yes(option:Available/ Not available )
3D file format VRC(Converter Support:FBX,OBJ,PLY,VRM)
Use environment Indoor & similar facilities


Takes only 0.5 seconds scanning , only 20 seconds processing avatar time .Suitable for permanent facility in companies and stores, and has various usage records. Currently need operator's support, but in the future we are aiming for a fully automatic product which has high security without any operators.

Dimensions 2000mm(W)x2000mm(D)x2180mm(H)
3D Camera RGB+Depth
Power AC100V(50/60Hz),20A
Shooting time 0.5 sec
3D modeling 20 sec or less
Recommended Range 90cm to 195cm
Bone generation function Yes(option:Available/ Not available )
3D file format VRC(Converter Support:FBX,OBJ,PLY,VRM)
Use environment Indoor & similar facilities

About us

Company name VRC Co., Ltd.
Establishment 5 May 2016
Location MZ Bldg. 301C, Myoujinchou 2-26-9, Hachioji-city, Tokyo, 192-0046, Japan
Business summary • 3D digital service business (hardware, various software services)
• 3D digital solution business (providing various software for developers)
• 3D digital license business (SDK / API for developers, cloud services)
Team members Albert (Yingdi) Xie, Ph.D CEO
Dr. Xie obtained his Ph.D from Waseda University. Before establishing VRC Inc. he served Waseda university as a faculty member, Research Scientist with Mediatek Inc., and Senior Engineer with Samsung.

Yanpeng Zhang:EVP, Head of Technology

Taichiro Kiyosue:EVP, Head of Marketing

Michihisa Iguchi:VP, Head of Hardware

Hongteng Xu:VP, Head of AI Technology

Sven Forstmann:VP, CG Algorithm Expert
Main customer NTT DOCOMO, INC.
mixi, Inc.
Toshiba Tec Corporation
Contact contact@vrcjp.com


2020.03.24 VRC have provided a real avatar service at KDDI ∞ Labo "MUGEN LABO DAY 2020 (Virtual Event)" of KDDI Ventures Program. In addition, CEO Xie is present with Mixi in the business co-creation program "Tsubasa of Infinity".
2019.12.17 Notice of capital alliance with Toshiba Tec Corporation
2019.11.07 17th Tama Blue Green Award (The “Technology / Product Category (Tama Blue Award)”, which evaluates outstanding technologies and products with the aim of revitalizing SMEs in the Tama area and promoting local economy We have two divisions, the Management Division (Tama Green Award), which evaluates new business models.) We applied for the Tama Blue Award. There were 135 companies who applied, and received the Blue Prize for Excellence. On December 16th, the highest award will be determined from the three award winners. This time, we received the Blue Award for Excellence.
※About Tama Blue Green Award
※17th Tama Blue Green Award Winner
2019.10.03 NTT DOCOMO started on October 3, 2019. Our latest 3D scanning system has been adopted for the service of "Pocket Avatar", a real-life avatar creation application. (Honorific title omitted in news)
NTT DOCOMO Topics Site
"Pocket Avatar" service site
2019.09.30 Our popular 3D scanner system was featured on the popular Nippon TV program “Shuichi” broadcast on October 6 (every Sunday from 7:30 am to 9:55 am).
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2019.08.08 At "Fujitsu Forum 2019 Osaka" (August 6-7, 2019 @ Osaka International Convention Center), a demonstration of the human body 3D scanning system [Shun X-II] will be exhibited.
In cooperation with Fujitsu, many visitors will experience ultra-high-speed real avatar generation and VR content embedding. Promote the various possibilities of using real avatars in the public scene. (Honorific title omitted in news)
2019.07.12 Obtained Privacy Mark certification.
Registered registration number: No. 21004609 (01)
Authorized business name: VRC Inc. Validity period: From July 12, 2019 to July 11, 2021
Accredited organization: Japan Information Economy and Society Promotion Association (JIPDEC)
Examining organization: Japan Data Communications Association (JADAC)
About our privacy policy
2019.06.14 It was introduced on the Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS) site as an example of a major company x venture. (▶ External link)
2019.03.09 "Retail Tech JAPAN 2019" (March 5-8, 2019 Tokyo Big Sight) At the booth of Toshiba Tec, a 3D scanning system for human body [Shun X-II] and a 3D scanner for clothes will be installed. Demonstration and concept exhibition of Virtual Fitting attracted the attention and interest of many people. (▶ External link)
2019.02.08 VRC was selected as a deep tech certified company at the "3rd J-TECH STARTUP SUMMIT" and a certificate was awarded. Thanks also participated in the panel discussion held after the ceremony, discussing the management methods and potential for collaboration as a deep tech company. (▶ External link)
2019.01.26 Exhibited the human body 3D scanning system [Shun X-II] at the "NTT DATA Innovation Conference 2019" (ANA Intercontinental Hotel Tokyo) and conducted a demonstration linked with NTT DATA's VR conference system.
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2018.12.29 VRC adopted by Toshiba Tec Accelerator Program 2018.
In anticipation of a partnership with Toshiba Tec, we started a business verification program using our 3D technology. (▶ External link)
2018.12.08 Exhibited and demonstrated our human body 3D scanner at NTT DoCoMo's "Docomo Open House @ 2018" (December 6-7, 2018 @ Tokyo Big Sight).
A demonstration that 3D avatars taken at high speed using the latest model of the human body 3D scanning system [Shun X-II] will appear in DoCoMo's VR conference system, which has been well received.
2018.08.31 OneToten's human 3D scanning system ANATOMe ™ using our 3D scanning technology was featured in the "Trend Egg" corner of the TV Tokyo affiliate "World Business Satellite" (aired on August 30, 2018), a joint development company Xie also appeared. ANATOMe ™ was nominated for the “Tretama Annual Award” and received the Excellence Award.
2018.07.13 "PR TIMES" features a 3D human body scanning system [ANATOMe ™] jointly developed by VRC and One To Ten. (▶ External link)(Honorific title omitted in news)
2018.03.16 An article about our business was published in the Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun. (▶ External link)
2017.08.25 VRC and Honeycomb Lab agree on a technical tie-up. (▶ External link)
2016.10.07 "Ceatec2016" Digital Imaging category @VRC won the Grand Prix. (▶ External link)(Honorific title omitted in news)